Monday, November 21, 2011

The Diaper Bag

The. Diaper. Bag.

Besides all of the obvious stuff, one of the first baby items I thought about was the diaper bag.  It's so important to me for some reason; I think it's because I'll be ditching my purse for this much larger bag and I want to love it like I do all my fancy shmancy Coach purses!  So I browsed for two weeks and then decided to go with my original decision - a Vera Bradley bag!  I went through a short quick phase in middle school where I wanted Vera Bradley everything before realizing that fabric everything isn't actually all that cool.  I'm a hypocrite I guess though because I think their bags work awesome as diaper bags!  They do make actual diaper bags but I don't really care for their new diaper bag style so I bought the Vera style and I think it will do just fine!  I also bought a Vera Bradley canvas zipper  pouch that fits perfectly inside the bag to hold pacifiers and such.  

Was your diaper bag a big deal to you?  If so, which bag did you decide to go with?

p.s. If you have any tips or advice please share!


  1. before i got pregnant there was a coach diaper bag they made and then i got diaper bag :( so after my son being a few months old i realized i needed 2 diaper bags! we got 1 smaller one from target (for quick trips) and a bigger, cheaper one from wal-mart for longer, overnight trips! hope that helped :)

  2. I went with a diaper backpack, mainly because I've never seen a diaper bag that didn't audibly yell to everyone else "Hey, inside me are poop receptacles!" And a backpack was just easier with more pouches for odds and ends.