Monday, December 5, 2011

Emergency Room

Dear baby, why must you scare your Mama? It's too soon for all that.

What would life be like if there weren't unexpected family scandals, crazy MIL's, and trips to the emergency room

I have no idea.

In our household it's always something.  The good definitely outweighs the bad, but we sure do have some drama.  Last night? It was me.

At about 10:30 Frank wakes me up to tell me that I've been burning up like a furnace for a good 3 hours.  I thought I was freezing.  The OB specifically told me that fevers are no.good.  We did a little research, read that the world might end, called my doctor, was told to go to the emergency room immediately, and off we went. Not to mention that I started having some cramps.

The emergency room does a relatively good job of getting me back for an ultrasound.  My first ever ultrasound.  No one is allowed to go with me so I'm really sad but really happy that I'll finally be able to see the little babe.  The nurse can tell me nothing.  Wonderful right? 

It takes 3 hours for the ultrasound results to come back.  3 hours. We sit in the room I've been put in for 3 hours waiting to hear if everything is okay.  The doctor comes in and out, the nurse comes in and tells me they need to do an IV.  I freak.  Does this mean I'm staying? I refuse to have an IV put in without talking to the doctor first.  The doctor comes in 1 hour later and informs that everything appears to be okay, besides my white blood cell count.  Oh, and I have a pocket of blood on my placenta.  Lovely.  

Thank goodness I have an appointment today with my OB.  I would be losing my mind if I didn't. Before we left the doctor said, "So you have an appointment today? Make sure you tell them about this fever.  It's very strange to have a fever and no other sick-like symptoms."  Got it doc. Preciateya. 

If you want to say a quick prayer for the little one I'll kiss your feet.  Or, I would if I could anyway. 

Here's to a good OB appointment today!


  1. Hope everything turns out to be just fine! Prayers going up! :)

  2. i'm definitely praying! hope you and the baby are good!

  3. Prayers for you guys! Hope your appt went well.

  4. Hope everything went well today.