Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Mom,

{Occasionally I listen to a talk show in the morning during my drive to school.  One of the main speakers lost her mother last week and just returned back to work today; most of the morning show was about appreciating your parents and life being too short.  We all know this, we just forget to not take things like our parents for granted.}

Dear Mom,

You call me "Little Tishka" still today.  Occasionally, it's "Junior."  You and I, we're one in the same, it makes sense that you call me those names.  Not only do we look alike, we are both incredibly sensitive and don't handle having our feelings hurt in the best way.  I get my style from you Mom, you have impeccable taste and I am your copy-cat.  

I admire you Mom.  Far more than you know, I think.  Growing up, your life was not easy, certainly not ideal.  You did not turn into the kind of mom that Nana used to be though, you rose above and became the best mom that we could ask for.  You often say that you don't feel appreciated, I hope that isn't true.  Without you, life (obviously) wouldn't be possible, but not just in the literal sense.  If we did not have you today, the ache for you would be far to great to live life... or so it seems.  I miss you on the days I don't see you.  I'm twenty-one, is that silly?  I know so many people my age and older who can't stand their parents, who couldn't wait to get away from home.  I don't ever want to truly be away from home.  I need you forever, Mom.

When I think about all of the things that you have taught us there is one thing that stands out the most: you've taught your three girls to be independent and dependent.  Independent individuals who can survive without a man yet dependent on God.  You've taught us that being kind is the most powerful tool above all else and that what goes around comes around.  We know from you that prayer is powerful and all things God does is with a purpose.  We were taught all of the essentials too, of course.  

Even though you made me try peas every single night for dinner growing up, I still love you.  You did it with a purpose right?

Mom, thanks to you I know that I am going to be a great Mama.  I also know that we will never be without and always have you to help.  What I don't know about being a Mama, you will teach me.  

I love you, I appreciate you, I need you.

Thanks for being the best Mom ever!


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