Monday, January 16, 2012

Growing, growing, just keep growing

I'm not noticing too much consistency with the size of my stomach.  The first picture is 9 weeks pregnant and then it goes up from there.  I look much bigger during weeks 12 and 13 than I do in 14 I think, but what do I know?

We have been given a wild, not so wild, guess on the gender but our tech kindly asked up to not hold her to it because things... or anatomy changes.  We will be going on February 4th to a place in Atlanta that does 3D/4D scans and we will find out for sure what "it" is!  I haven't quite decided when I'll be telling ya'll, we'll just have to see! I'm sure I won't be able to hold it in because I'll want to share all the cute things I buy and the steps of putting the nursery together.  We know we won't be sharing the name until "it" arrives, gotta keep some things a surprise!

Not too much motivation over here to talk about all I've been doing lately, so here's some pictures:

New jewelry, pregnant lady snack, pin-ball, beach, cute kids, life

oh, and lots of love. 

p.s. If ya didn't know, I'm Libby, commonly known around these parts as Olivia.

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