Thursday, February 23, 2012

19 weeks

When I realized that today was Thursday, I also realized that I hadn't blogged since Monday.  These past two weeks I've forgotten, once again, why I'm blogging.  It's for me.  It's a journal.  I need to be able to look back here to remember all of the things I've forgotten over time.  Getting back into the right perspective makes typing up todays post easy.  I want to remember what being nineteen weeks pregnant was like, so here we go.

19 weeks.

19 weeks.  You are easy for me.  If it weren't for the slowly growing tummy and the occasional kicks, I might even forget that I'm pregnant.  At 19 weeks I am so thankful.  God has allowed me to grow this baby for 19 weeks, my sweet boy, and I pray that he will let me do so for another 21 weeks and then many, many years of raising him after that.  I'm thankful that this pregnancy has been so (knock on wood) easy for me.  I know that it is going to get harder as the Georgia heat moves in and I grow to be the size of an elephant, but I'm so thankful for being able to truly enjoy these 19 weeks.  No morning sickness, no bleeding, not too many scary things.  At 19 weeks I can still wear my normal clothes, most jeans can't be buttoned but a few can! At 19 weeks I'm one week away from being "half way" and one week away from Frank and I getting our own home.  At 19 weeks I still have yet to gain any weight, but it's coming.  I'm not even going to lie and say that I'm not a tiny bit nervous about it.  At 19 weeks I have no cravings and have a very normal appetite; no over the top eating, yet.  I have no idea what the next 21 weeks will hold for me and the little guy but I pray that they are good, that they are enjoyable, that they are as easy as being in the last eight weeks of the second trimester and all of the third trimester can be.  For those who haven't been pregnant yet, do you wonder certain things? If so, ask me.  I wondered if the love and connection was really there and really big.  It is.  It's all consuming, which makes participating in life very hard sometimes.  It's so nice being in that place in my mind where I'm all consumed by my baby and what our life is soon to be like.  I know that it will be hard, I don't know how hard yet, but I do know that it is going to be so, so good, too.  Pretty soon it will no longer be 21 weeks to go, but rather 19, 10, 5 weeks until he is here. 

I tried a lemon girl scout cookie today. Terrible, terrible idea.  I'm addicted. Can I do a girl scout cookie order re-do? Please?

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  1. What an exciting time! Congrats on the baby and the house:)