Monday, February 27, 2012

And then you get bad news....

... and the original post you had planned seems stupid and petty.

Today we had out 20 week anatomy scan.  We can happily say that baby looks good with all arms and legs and I guess everything else does too (brain, heart, etc.) or they would have said something! Unfortunately, with the good news came bad news.

I have placenta previa.  And not even partial placenta previa, I've got the whole darn complete placenta previa.  Have you heard of it? If not, basically my placenta is supposed to be on top of my uterus and rather than being on top of on the side, it is at the exact bottom, covering my cervix.  This is bad.  It is bad because a) I will have to have a c-section b) I will likely experience bleeding c) I will likely be put on bed rest, at home or in the hospital d) I could easily hemorrhage... you get the picture.  Thankfully, there is still a chance that it will move, but we are planning for the worst, just in case.  I want to be prepared for all of the what-if's since each individual case of this is so different.  There are no patterns.  

Please pray for us.

If God would like my placenta to move, it will.  If not, we will be having out baby before July 18th, because going to 40+ weeks is not an option.  From what I've read, we will be lucky to make it to 36 weeks.  I am afraid, but I am clinging to the chance that it will move up.  My doctor said it's really 50-50, not a 90% chance like so many people say.  Unfortunately, mine has been moving down, not up, so I'm not quite sure what this means.  

We will know more in six weeks.


  1. Oh my goodness! Sending positive- placenta moving thoughts your way.. And am praying for the Safe delvery of a healthy bub and your health and safety as well. Please keep us updated! I can only imagine how worrie you must be.

  2. I will most definitely be praying for you. "But the Lord's plans stand firm forever, His intentions can never be shaken" -Psalm 33 11. That verse has really spoken to me lately, reminding me that His plan will prevail and that it is perfect. Praying that your placenta moves, and if not, for as smooth of a delivery as possible!

    1. I love this verse, thank you so much for sharing!!!!