Tuesday, March 27, 2012

24 Week Bump & Catch Up

I don't stick with too much, but I am great at sticking with sucking at keeping up with the blog. I post a lot of words and then no one reads and I feel like I need to do pictures and then I post pictures and feel like I need words.  It's a back and forth thing where I never feel satisfied.  Oh well. 

I really need to get back into the whole linking up with other blogs, thing.  I've found so many great new blogs to read that way and people have found me too, but I always forget, or lose the motivation to do it.  Is this because of pregnancy? I think it's just the way I am. I won't go there though. 

I am 24 weeks pregnant as of yesterday, whoop whoop! And I have proof:

Due to the massive size of my thighs and back fat, taking pictures in a dress from the side or front are everything except flattering, but for the sake of memory keepin', there ya have it. 

I spent $90.00 on maternity clothes Saturday.  I was excited picking out clothes and enjoying the ((awesome)) sale and then I left and passed Express and got sad that I just spent $90 on clothes that I will only be wearing for a few more months.  These cute new spring styles are a punch in the gut. Stop dressing cute yall.  Thankyouverymuch. 

I had a doctors appointment yesterday that consisted of waiting for 2 hours to be seen for 5 minutes.  It was pretty awesome.  They even forgot to take my blood pressure until I was walking out the door and mentioned that it was never taken and the doctor quickly pushed me back through the door and said that it wouldn't hurt to check it before I left.  Ahhh. Now we're talkin'.  My ultrasound to check on the previa was supposed to be in 2 weeks but good ole trusty doc said that we might as well wait 4 weeks.  How nice.  It sure would be nice to walk around not feeling like a ticking time bomb, which could have very well been possible if I found out in 2 weeks that my previa had moved instead of 4 ((being positive here!)).  

Most days I'm dying to chop all of my hair off but today, I'm loving the longness.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I blow dried my hair yesterday and today.  This is pretty major guys.  I always forget how much I actually like my hair when it is fixed and not in a bun on top of my head. In fact, I like my hair so much today that I took a picture of myself.  Who am I now? 

As for the nursery, nothing is coming together because my (future) MIL refuses to give me our crib until my baby shower because she wants everyone to see that she bought it.  It's a nice gesture for her to buy it, but she's doing it for all of the wrong reasons and quite honestly, I'd rather buy it myself so I can really start getting his nursery put together.  I probably shouldn't get back on the soapbox though, I cried about it enough over the weekend. 

I'm happy today.  I'll think we'll leave it at that.

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  1. Your baby belly is adorable! Side view and all ;) As far as not keeping up with the blog, just try not to think or worry about if people are reading...just post what's important to you/on your mind ;)

  2. You look gorgeous! I know what you mean about not feeling like you look good... ugh... I'm 27 weeks now and really starting to feel... large. I hope your previa moves! It's definitely not fun to worry about stuff like that.

  3. Been reading for awhile, but haven't commented before now I think :) Just wanted to say I'm a bad blogger as well, I just skipped most of January, all of February and most of March. I blame college and assignments on that! Hopefully now that I'm finished college and studying for my exams I might blog more, and comment on other peoples blogs more as well!

    I really hope the previa moves, the doctors should be more considerate and not leave you hanging for another two weeks.

    Ps...you're baby bump is totally adorable!

  4. what an adorable dress! you are so cute!! and your hair is beautiful! : )

  5. That dress is so cute! Love the color! My doctor with my first pregnancy would have ridiculous wait times! Now that I'm using the birthing center, I'm always in and out within 45 minutes.