Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Happenings

It was a happenin' weekend to say the least.

Friday, because I was far too anxious about moving in Saturday, I decided to move some stuff into our apartment.  It was fun and exciting and clean, so, so clean! Thanks to my wonderful mom who went in and scrubbed the place from head to toe... or front door to back door...which sounds kinda not right, so we'll say head to toe.  I went home after I brought everything into the apartment and spent one more night at home with my family. 

Saturday, I woke up at 6:30, all too excited to get this ball rolling.  My family aka the movers were dragging their bums and it was raining and I can't lift anything which led to some frustration.  BUT, by 2:30 everything was moved in and we were exhausted.  The fun didn't stop there though! My best friend and her daughter and husband moved into their house the weekend before, so on Saturday night they had a little housewarming party, that wasn't so little and involved a lot of alcohol and a bon fire! I thought it might suck being the only one who couldn't drink, but everyone was so tipsy that I felt tipsy as well, so all was good.  

There's nothing like a good time with a lot of good friends :)

Sunday we had church and then my mom and I went washer and dryer shopping! I found it surprising fun and was so excited when my mom happily bought us both, as a gift.  She seriously is the best.  And then we went and ate at I-Hop and breakfast food is my favorite, so basically it was one of the best days ever.... until that night.  Even though I had spent all day with my mom, after Frank and I got back from eating dinner at his parents, I really, really missed my mom and wanted to go home! Before moving I wasn't spending much time at home in the evenings anyway, but there is something about officially not living at home anymore that mad me so sad.  I cried a bit, texted mom for awhile, talked on the phone to her for awhile and then went to sleep.

I think things will be 10X better when we get out TV/Internet.

It might just be me, but with there only being us two, when we're used to constantly being around others, no tv, no internet and hardly any lighting (this apartment has NO light fixtures in the living room or the bedrooms) it is lonely.  

A tour of the new place to come soon.. in the mean time:

I'm obsessed with Payton.. & her feet. Oh, & my 20 week pregnant belly too.  Although today it's officially 21 weeks.

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