Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And I never thought I'd be excited about THAT

Today was the big and eight week awaited for doctors appointment.  It would just so happen that Frank would not be able to attend our biggest appointment yet (insert really sad face), but thankfully my mom was able to come with me.  Not only were we finding out about the CPP, I was also having my blood drawn and I really, REALLY hate having my blood drawn. 

After waiting for an eternity, we met with the doctor who told us that my uterus decided to grow just right which moved my placenta way, way out of the way.  Can you say amazing?

Pregnancy is so crazy without having to worry about a complication.  For the last eight weeks I have literally felt like I could bleed out at any moment.  For the last eight weeks I'd been preparing myself to have a c-section, an early baby, a possibly blood transfusion, the list goes on.  I never thought I'd be excited to be back to my normal worries.  I especially never thought I'd be excited to be able to birth a child out of my you-know-what.  I am truly beyond excited though.  I did not want a c-section and I am overwhelmed with happiness about being able to experience labor, even knowing it's going to be ridiculously painful, the excitement is still there.  Call me crazy. I am. Tell me I'll eat my words.  I'm sure I will.  

So here we are.  28 weeks pregnant.  Officially in the third trimester.  No more previa.  A nursery that is well underway. 

Life is good.