Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Baby,

 Dear Baby,

I am laying here watching t.v. with your daddy and you are kicking and rolling and having a ball in there.  I am thinking about all of the things you are going to be.  I imagine that you are going to be sweet, but a little pain in my rear at times.  I imagine that you will play sports and give me heart-attacks on a regular basis.  I imagine that you are going to have a cute little button nose and light hair to start out and dark, dark hair when it's all said and done.  I imagine that you are going to have beautiful green eyes like your daddy, and I won't even be sad that you don't have my eyes.  I imagine that you are going to be so, so tiny when you're born, and yes, if you're 9 lbs, that will still feel pretty darn tiny to me.  I imagine that you are going to always want your mama and I hope this comes true, but I also imagine your daddy walking through the front door and your little face lighting up because you haven't seen him all day.  I'm laying here thinking that I can't wait for you to be riding around in the backseat of my car, for you to be crying and me to be pulling over and jumping in the backseat and scooping you up and cuddling you, because even if that means we're going to be late to where ever we're going, you're only going to be a baby once.  I imagine that I'll have to remind myself every once and awhile to cherish even the hardest of times because this life we live is too short.  I imagine that the broke-ness I feel now, will only double or triple because I'm going to want to give you the world.  I imagine that your little cries are going to break my heart and that I'm going to be that mama who never puts her baby down and then slightly regrets it when her child is 5 and still wants to be held.  I imagine that if that happens, I'll just remind myself that you'll only be 5 once.  I imagine that the very first time I lay eyes on you, my heart is going to explode with an emotion that I never knew existed.  I already love you to the moon and back, remember that. 

These next 11 weeks are some serious weeks, baby.  You must grow, grow, grow.  I cannot wait to see your beautiful face and kiss your sweet cheeks.  



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