Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I might miss

I got a text the other day.  It made me think about the things that will change with our baby is born.  I was briefly sad that I wouldn't be able to (insert something here) but then quickly bounced back.  Yes, he is coming soon & yes, I am young & yes, things are going to change but no, it is not a bad thing.  

I will still go to school, I'll just have my baby to pick-up from my best friend's house when I get out of class.

I will still go to the grocery store, I just get to tote a sweet little boy around with me when I do.

I will still blog, it will just revolve (even more-so) around the baby.

Frank and I will still go out to eat and still eat dinner on the living room floor while watching a movie, we will just have our baby with us.

I will still travel to see my family in New Hampshire & I will still get to see and hangout with my old friends, I will just have a baby with me.

And I can't even being to express how excited I'll be to just have a baby with me.  He is going to be my side-kick, my pride and joy, the love of my life.  He and I? We're going to be buddies and I can't wait.