Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The kinda day when you find three dollars on the side walk.

... when you have to work but seven hours goes by extremely fast.

... when your bananas are perfectly ripe and ready for the most delicious banana bread on earth.

... when you cook said banana bread and it comes out perfect.

... when you get a call from boyfriend saying he passed his test and is officially indentured.

... when during said conversation he announces were eating Mexican for dinner and it just so happens to be exactly what you wanted.

... when you eat so much and feel so uncomfortable but you actually have the energy to go for a walk.  A thirty minute walk at that.

... when you finally got the motivation to get started on that pretty huge paper that is due Friday.

... when you finally get the motivation to write a blog post.


  1. Great perspective! I love the stripes too! Very cool shot!

  2. Cute dress!! I wish I had more maternity dresses. So glad you had a great day! And now I'm craving mexican food. ;)

  3. That sounds like an awesome kind of day! And? I think your bump is the cutest, ever!