Tuesday, May 22, 2012

30, 31, 32

Playing catch-up

I don't really feel like I've grown much in the past 3 weeks.  At my appointment 2 weeks ago I was measuring 31 cm which the doctor said was right on track.  I have an appointment this Friday and am very anxious to see how we're growing.  My weight gain is between 15-17 pounds, if you're wondering.  I know that is not a lot compared to some, but I feel HUGE.  I am heavier than I have ever been and it is an odd sensation to say the least.


How I feel? Well after that three mile walk a few weeks ago I think this little guy has definitely made his way to my vagina -- tmi? -- sorry.  I am in SO much pain.  I literally feel like I can feel my pelvis breaking apart.  It doesn't really look like it in the pictures but his body is way at the bottom of my stomach and it is pure squishiness at the top. He has been super active, which I love, but it is so distracting.  I easily lose concentration of whatever I'm doing when he starts pushing his bottom out my side.


I recently ordered a brand new Moby Wrap from Ebay for a great deal and am so excited to try it out! I watched a few videos on YouTube tonight and definitely feel like I have the newborn wrap and hold down.  Boom. 


I had my first baby shower on Saturday.  My best friend and mom did a terrific time and I think everyone had a great time! We got some really great things... think homemade quilt from my best friends MIL... so, so blessed.  On the other hand, the Monster was there and wasn't nearly as nice or thoughtful as everyone else.  That's not surprise though.  Did I mention that she cancelled my baby shower that she planned for me? My church is throwing me a shower on the 23rd.  Very excited about it! 


  1. It's been far too long since I've visited (and commented!) on your blog...you look beautiful Mamma! The home stretch can feel like forever sometimes...you're large and just ready to meet that baby already, right? Sooo been there (and about to be there again soon!) Know you have someone praying for you :)