Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bachelorette // Episode 2

I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to be one of those bloggers and then decided that I did. I hate stupid television shows but love them at the same time; The Bachelorette is definitely one of those shows that falls into that category.  Doing this little series presented too much opportunity for fun and good laughs, I couldn't pass it up. 

I didn’t do a post for the first episode (I was still undecided) but I will say this: I normally always choose one to three guys who I feel very confident about, after this season premier I did not feel even remotely confident about who the “winner” might be.  Oh, I definitely did not like Kalon, I thought Jef was a pretty cool dude, and the egg guy? Yeah…

So last night’s episode:  I easily have three favorites after the episode was said and done.  They are Charlie, Ryan and Arie.  I honestly never even noticed Charlie on the first episode, but he is a big hunky sexy man who seems to really care for Emily.  Speaking of Emily, her first date (with Ryan) really surprised me.  I like how this season, unlike any other, the contestants are truly getting a feel for real life.  It makes me feel like the relationship might actually work out because the guy knows what he is getting into.  I think in a lot of ways it is like a honeymoon, but since she is incorporating her day to day life and daughter (one in the same), that the reality of life that normally sets in and ruins the relationships will already be known to the couple.  Back to the first date, I thought bringing Ryan to her home was really, really personal.  I’m not sure that I would allow a strange guy into myself and my daughters home, even just to make cookies, on the first date.  I’m also surprised about Emily’s choice to have her daughter so incorporated.  I think the concept of dating several different guys at one time to try to find a husband is not necessarily an easy thing for a six year old to understand. 

I have to say this:

Poor Doug.  I mean the guy stood there in the most awkward position for like fifteen minutes straight. Walk away Doug.  Walk away!

Joe, even though your feelings may have got hurt, you suck with words, you showed no commitment to Emily whatsoever and you make yourself look like a total douche! I’m glad you’re gone. P.s. You were not in a hotel, but rather, a resort.  Get it right dude!

Normally hair is not a big thing, but pretty much all of these guys have strange hair.  What’s up with that? Maybe they can bring in a hair dresser? 

Until next Monday!

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