Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Bachelorette // Episode 3

It's pretty unlike me to let a whole 24 hours pass before getting around to watching the latest Bachelorette episode, but alas, it happened this week AND last week.  So here we go, a day late and probably a dollar short too. 

My favorites: Shawn and Arie.  

Explanation: If I recall right, I didn't even think about Shawn the last two episodes, like, where was he? He hardly stuck out to me.  Cute? Hell yes, but it didn't seem like him and Emily were getting any getting-to-know-each-other-time in there.  And Arie? Well this is a given.  Seeing him and Emily kiss doesn't even make me want to vomit.  It's so cute I could die.  I think they would be PERFECT together, which means something stupid is probably going to happen... especially considering she said, "I don't want to mess it up."  

Least Favorite: Kalon. Ughh.  Tall, skinny and CONDESENDING. JUST like Emily said.  AND, she kept him. WTF?

Explanation: None needed.  

Tony: Poor Tony.  The guy totally needed to head home.  I think he took the rejection well. 

Doug: He think's he's got it in the bag because he's got a kid too.  Something tells me that Emily doesn't actually want that.  She want's someone who is ready to be a dad, but wants her and Ricki to be the center of his world.  If he already has a kid, that aint happenin'.  

Alessandro: GET OUTTA TOWN! What a douche. And then he confirms the fact that there is actually no communication barrier.  

Jef: You're so cute & so, so cool.  I just don't see it happening though.  It seems like the only conversation we see between him and Emily is him saying how cool she is. 

Ryan: I WAS so into you.  Dude, get your stuff together.  I thought he was the winner but now I definitely don't.  He kinda seems like a class-A jerk now. 

I'm done for this week.  You get the picture.  I like some, hate others and I'm super pumped for next weeks episode. 

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