Monday, June 18, 2012

The Bachelorette // Episode 6

I have been a major slacker. Anyways... 
Poor Travis.  The guy is experiencing a "different kind of hurt."  I honestly think that after only six weeks, with limited dates, that Travis could not have possibly been that crazy about Emily.  I think it's more of a man-I-wish-this-wife-finding-method-worked-for-me.  

Jef and his commentary, it's nearly too much.  The guy totally screams California cowabunga dude to me. "Wow dude, are you serious?"

I don't like Mr. Wolf, I don't know why.  I think it bothers me that he kinda looks like a wolf.

Sean, you are still so sexy.  Too sexy, in fact. And your deep commentary on the movie ya'll watched? Love it.

Guys in kilts are not sexy.  And I love bagpipes.

Regarding the games:

Chris -- you're kidding me right? I don't think sticking your butt out while shooting an arrow is the best tactic to capture Emily's heart. And you suck at log throwing, BTW. And why would you choose to compete against Doug? That was a guaranteed lose. But then again, you were cupped, not crowned, the bravest, so go you.

Arie -- Way to throw that log, you definitely did better than Jef.

Sean -- I will watch you log throw any day.  I mean, you broke the log.  So awesome.  I'm the judge and you win.

The end of the group date:

I'm glad Arie got his time with Emily.  His push-Emily-against-the-wall kiss was kinda intense.  I wish I could just get over his hands.  They totally creep me out.  They're like big girl hands or something?

I loved Emily and Jef's one-on-one time.  His little secret to her was so cute.  He's like man and little boy wrapped in one.  I don't know if that's creepy or not.

I don't like Chris so I don't like that he got the rose.  He looks creepy and reminds me of a she-man... or man-she. Whatever it is.

Ryans one-on-one date:

He is far too smooth.  He knows how to make a girl laugh AND make her feel like a million bucks.  Emily should be seeing flashing warning lights.

He thinks God might have chosen Emily for him as his wife.  I just don't feel like he's really looking for a wife. What do you think?

I hate to admit it, but I love that he cracks himself up.  It really reminds me of my mom, which is too funny!

And then... he goes home. FINALLY. Only wish Emily was a little more confident about her decision. Something tells me he'll be finding his way back to the show at some point.  There is always one guy that does, right?

After Ryans date:

Thanks for the super up close and personal of Arie and Emily's kiss.  I'm glad they're bonding though.  He's still on my top three list.

((side note: I'm currently searching online for a nursing bra in a size larger than 34 D, something along the lines of 34 DD or E and am failing miserably. HELP!))

Mr. Wolf getting all soft and weepy.  I hate it.  And then they kiss.  I hate that too.  And Emily doesn't see him as that kinda guy who carries his grandparents funeral cards around? He is SO that guy, obviously.

Hey camera guy, how many times are you going to zoom in on Dougs hand on Emilys behind? You're making this way more awkward than it already is.

Annnnd.... no final rose is given.  She should have sent them BOTH home. Boom.

So the run down: Doug and Chris are too much.  Jef, Arie and Sean are my absolute favorites, still. I hated Emily's dress on the night of the rose ceremony.  Too. Much. White.

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  1. Haha I love your comments about Arie- I totally agree - his hands creep me out too! I couldn't figure out why, but they are totally woman hands. haha, and Sean is soooo cute!!