Friday, June 15, 2012

The Countdown. It's really on.

The crib, it's set up now.
The nursing bras, they've been bought.
The little clothes? They're washed and put away.
The baby shower has been had.
The 1st and 2nd trimesters have passed.
The little special nursery touches have been made.

We're about to be at week 36.  The week that the doc says labor will no longer be stopped.

It's a pretty hard thing to wrap your head around, I'm sure especially if this is your first, like it is for us.
We will have a baby in FOUR weeks... at MOST. Holy cow.
I'm ready though.  I was thinking last night, while in the shower, that I'm ready for him to be here.
There's nothing left that I feel like I need to do, to buy, to experience.

I'm ready.
So what I've got to say to the next four weeks?

I'm ready to meet you baby.  I'm ready to share your name.  I'm ready to share your nursery.
I'm ready to be a mama, your mama.

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  1. Nothing like the last month of pregnancy, especially with your first! Congrats momma, it'll be the best experience of your life!:)

  2. Awww, those last few days and weeks before your first baby is born are so bizarre but so lovely. You live on limbo a little bit because you never know when it might all happen and you know that life is about to change on a monumental scale but you just can't quite imagine it yet. It's so exciting! X

  3. ahhhh how exciting!! EEE! will be thinking about you! found you via the wiegands link up xo