Friday, July 20, 2012

Birth Story: Part 3

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Note: This story is extremely special and personal.  If it weren't for the fact that I felt the need to read a thousand birth stories before having my own, I probably wouldn't be posting this.  I want to shed light to those pregnant ladies who aren't sure what's coming. Every birth story is different, but knowing some of the possibilities of how things might go can bring comfort.

I left off part 2 by saying it was time to push.  Out of the whole experience, I would say that when they told me it was time to push, I was the most afraid.  So afraid in fact that I demanded oxygen even though I was breathing perfectly fine.  I had decided to try doing a practice push (on my own accord) and when doing that it really hit me that I could not feel my legs and I completely panicked.  Remember how I said my epidural failed? It failed all of the body parts that count.  My legs? They were a numb as could be.  

Back to pushing.  

We checked with Brenda, our nurse, to see if she had delivered any babies before because it seemed as though this baby was coming fast.  Remember, 4 cm to 10 cm in like no time at all? She said she had delivered plenty and that she was not going to make me wait to push until the doctor was there.  So the pushing began and a call was placed to the on-call doctor who happened to be OUR doctor! Score! The room was a flurry of people but I honestly could not tell you what they were doing.  It was me, my sister to my side taking pictures, my mom holding my head up, Frank holding my left leg and Brenda holding my right leg.  I was allowed to push when I wanted and stop when I wanted.  It was relaxed and there was no urgency.  Brenda kept telling me how lucky I was that he was so low and that with each push he got lower and stayed lower, instead of going back up like most babies do.  After about 15 minutes of pushing (THE WORST PAIN EVER), Dr. Williams showed up, got situated, determined that I needed an episiotomy, did the episiotomy as I was asking him if it was going to hurt, had me push about five more time and then he was out. 

Dr. Williams told me to grab him and pull him up on my chest.  I told him no, you do it! He told me no, you do it! I told him no, I couldn't! He told me yes, you can but you need to right now! So I did.  I 
pulled my baby the rest of the way out of me and up onto my chest.  Absolutely surreal.

Upon putting him on my chest I freaked out (again) and told my mom to get him off of me as I was crying and shaking.  I thought he was hurting from the way he was laying on me and demanded someone take him off.  Thankfully, no one listened to me and after about thirty seconds I came to my senses and started marveling at every little bit of his body.  My goodness was he gorgeous.  I held him for a few minutes before he was taken away to be weighed and cleaned up a bit.  I delivered the placenta, which I couldn't feel at all, got stitched up, which I also couldn't feel, and got my baby back.  We immediately began breastfeeding and he took to it like a champ! One proud mama right here. 

If you didn't know, after delivering a baby they press on your stomach and it hurts like you know what.  I was literally yelping in pain and making noises that didn't even come out while in labor.  My body decided that it did not want to stop bleeding like it was supposed to so they had to give me a shot in my right thigh.  After more stomach pushing they determined that the shot had not helped to reduce the bleeding so I got another shot.  After more stomach pushing I was still bleeding too much so they stuck four pills where four pills should never be stuck.  After more stomach pushing the bleeding was still too much so they administered something through my IV which really kicked the pain party up a notch.  I immediately felt like I was going to pass out so they took my baby away, laid me back and on my side and gave me a bucket to puke in.  I puked and it was nasty.  Frank was by my side the whole time being absolutely amazing as I was writhing in pain.  Puking after just delivering a baby is awful.  God 
awful.  I was in so much pain that I could not turn from my side back onto my back.

We ended up spending three hours recovering in the delivery room.  We were only supposed to be in there for one hour.  We had a lot of things that went wrong but so many more things that went right.  We have a beautiful, healthy and sweet baby boy and I would go through all of that and more a hundred times if he was the end result.

We had a little "we did it!" kiss and then just stared at our baby.
I still can't believe we made him.  I still can't believe he was inside my stomach for nine months.

Cooper James N.

Born July 8, 2012 @ 3:23 p.m.

Weight: 8 pounds 2.6 ounces

Length: 21 inches long


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