Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 1


You are one week old now! I already find myself saying that time is going by too fast.  They weren't lying when they told me that, were they?  I've been thinking about the things I wanted to put in this post -- the way you smile in your sleep constantly, how the dimple in your right cheek melts my heart, how you hate to have your clothes changed because you get cold so quickly, how you're finally starting to grab onto me (my fingers, my bra strap, my shirt, etc.), how you look around at everything during the little amount of time that you're awake each day, how I call you Curious Coop because you're just so darn curious, how you can roll onto your side and how proud you look when you do, how you love to be held by anyone that will hold you close, how you love to eat and have a terrible latch, how skinny your legs are (no rolls yet!), how the shape of your head is so perfect and so are your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and every other part of your body, and how you explode in your diapers like quite the gentleman.  There are so many more things that I want to include, so many things that I'm afraid I'll forget.  I don't want to forget that you hated paci's until your stay in the hospital.  I don't want to forget how red your little face gets while nursing.  I don't want to forget how much you love your hands, you always have them clasped together.  It is hard to believe that you are half mine -- you are nearly identical to your daddy.  You got two things from me, your long fingers and your tongue-tie.  I'm hopeful that as you grow I will begin to see more of me in you.

The first week of your life has been very hard for you (and me too!).  You were circumcised, you had to have your extra digits tied off, your ties got infected and landed us in The Children's Hospital twice, while in the hospital you had to get an IV, x-rays, your frenulum clipped and your sore fingers poked and prodded by dozens of doctors.  We were in the hospital for two nights, three days.  I only left the room twice and it was for less than five minutes each time.  I could not stand the thought of my seven day old baby hooked up to various machines.  I could not stand the thought of you being in that awful room without me.  I could not stand the thought of you being in that huge metal crib all by yourself, so I slept in the crib with you.

I think we should add the silly things you've done, they're worth remembering too.  You peed all over your daddy and nurse the night you were born and you projectile pooped all over the nurse at Children's after he took your temperature rectally.

Cooper James, you are my life.  You are the very best thing that has happened to me.  I look at you and wonder how I got so lucky.  God saw me fit to be your mother and I am so thankful.  I want to remember every tiny detail of your life

I love you.



  1. He is so stinkin' adorable!!!!! Praying you guys have a better week!!!

    1. Thank you!!! This week has definitely been better!

  2. Ahh! Baby Cooper is amazing- and so are you! Congrats Momma!