Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 4

Dearest Jumpy Baby,

Today you are officially one month old (4 weeks 3 days)! We've been dealing with some tummy issues this morning, and the past couple of days for that matter, it's no fun.  I hate seeing you cry, but especially when there is nothing that I can do for you.  I am slowly learning what I can and can't eat so that you don't get gassy, it's trial and error but I hate knowing that you have a hurting belly because of me.  I'm not giving up on breastfeeding though, I really think it's what is best for us!

Your Auntie Angelika has been here with us for your whole fourth week of life and has gotten to bond with you so much, I'm so thankful to have her in our life.  On her first day here (August 1st) she was able to get you to sleep and that, my dearest baby, is a feat in itself.  You too are just as smitten with each other as can be.  We have laughed at you and your jumpy arms a lot this week.  You can be seen throwing your arms up in the air just about every few minutes, sometimes even when you're sleeping.  I wonder if you will always do that?

You had many firsts this week which has been exciting for all of us!  I wanted to wait until you were at least four weeks old to start taking you out and about, I can't stand the thought of you getting sick.  A little before the four week mark we all got a little stir crazy and set out to the grocery store; you did wonderfully and slept in your car seat the whole time, go Cooper!! The grocery store was just the start of our adventures because that night we went on a walk to the square and got icecream at Scoops and since then we've been to Target, Kroger, Mama Maria's, El Charro and Kmart.  There's nothing stopping us now!

You are beginning to stay awake more and more.  In fact, some days you stay up way longer than you should which leads to a very over-tired baby who I can't get to sleep.  So some days are really tough but they are still the best ever.  You love to look at me and will just stare and stare.  I think you've already smiled a couple of times but it's nothing consistent and I'm not 100% sure that it's not just gas, so we're not counting it yet!  This week you really like to be laying on your changing table, it is up against a window, you love to look out and have the sunshine come in on you.  You've had diaper rash this week so I've been coating your little bottom with cream and it seems to work as long as I do it every diaper change.  You're still eating about every two hours but this week you've began to have a long stretch of sleep of about four hours at the beginning of the night -- I'm really grateful for that.  You've been spitting up more this week which I haven't been able to figure out, but I'm hoping it will pass!

What else would I like to remember?

Your feet are growing, I know this for sure.  You little sockies have gray heels and I have to pull your socks up now to keep the gray on the heel where it is supposed to be! I think you're also getting longer and I know for a fact that your hair is growing A LOT!  You are definitely going to be one of those little babies with massive amounts of head hair.  Eeekkk.  You are still in newborn clothes and newborn diapers.  I'm in no way rushing you growing up, but I can't wait for you to get to wear your cute 0-3 months summer clothes! Your carseat is not your best friend, but we're working on that relationship and I'm completely confident that we'll get there... eventually.

As always, you are the little love of my life.  I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be your mama.  I still can't believe we created you, this little miracle of life.  You give each day purpose and bring so much happiness to my life.  My dreams for you life are so big, so great.  I just know you are going to do amazing things.  I'd like to make a little prediction... something tells me you're going to be a guitar player.  Neither your daddy or I play but just by looking at you it seems like guitar playing just my be your thing.  Time will tell.

I love you more than ever.



  1. He is so precious! That 4th picture down with his fist under his chin!!! So serious :)

  2. He is SOOO cute!! So glad you guys had a good week :)