Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 5

Coopy Jamies,

Cooper James is nice and masculine and I love it, but I also love nick names so you've got quite a few.  Lately, you are my Coopy Jamies and I think you like it! You're five weeks old! FIVE! Mama's baby is growing up way too fast and I hate it and love it all at the same time.  For the first few weeks of your life I couldn't really tell if you were growing which had me a bit worried, but I can now say with complete certainty that you are a growing boy.  Your socks continue to get smaller and you're now fitting into you newborn size clothes and onesies comfortably which probably means that we only have maybe a week left of size newborn.  That also means that sometime next week I will probably be found holding onto your teeny tiny clothes bawling my eyes out.  It's not all sadness though because you were able to wear some Polo Ralph Lauren this week and you looked beyond cute! Your hair is continuing to grow, especially in the back, if we continue at this rate I'm afraid we'll have you sporting a mullet in no time.  Your eyes are incredibly dark blue right now, but I see them looking green like your daddy's some days.  I will be one happy mama if you get those beautiful green eyes from your daddy!

I need to brag on your sleeping just a little bit (I better not be jinxing myself).  You're not much of a sleeper during the day, I guess your forgot the memo about newborns pretty much sleeping all day?, but at night you do so great.  Normally around nine o'clock I can tell that you are done with the day and ready for some milkies and snuggles and your wish is my command! I've been giving you a nice fully belly and some gentle bouncing with you on my chest and that usually puts you into a nice sleep that lasts anywhere from four to six hours! After your first long stretch of the night you are back to eating every two hours or so, but I'm totally okay with that.

With you turning five weeks old came meeting your Auntie Beth and Uncle Woody! They came to Georgia on Saturday and left today (8/15).  The visit was not nearly long enough but we got to do some fun things.  We had a cookout at Nanny and Poppys, we went to the mall for your first time yesterday and then Steak N Shake for lunch followed up by a trip to Babies R Us where your Auntie Beth bought you an exciting new play mat! You also watched your mommy play tennis and took a walk to the square for ice cream at Scoops.  We did a little bit too much eating out so mama is ready for a few solid weeks of home food.  Your belly will probably appreciate that.

I feel like I'm forgetting things, important things that I need to remember, I need to get better at writing EVERYTHING down.

As always, you are the little love of my life, even if I call you The Monster sometimes.  My days are spent solely caring for you and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I can tell that you know exactly who I am and I love that.  I love the way you cuddle right into me, I love the way you instantly stop crying as soon as you're back in my arms, I love the way you look around with your eyes so wide open, I love that you keep your hands near your face, I love that you're still so jumpy, I love that your belly is growing and screams for kisses and I love that your favorite place to be is on my chest.

I love you so very much Cooper.  The amount is unfathomable.

Love always,


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  1. I love following your blog so I've awarded you the coveted Liebster Award. Check out my blog for the fun details!

  2. he's so cute!
    and i do think he's gonna have green eyes. i mean, look at that 3rd photo