Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 6

My Little Cooper,

Six weeks you've been with us now.  Six of the very best weeks of my life.  Six of the very hardest weeks of my life.  Six weeks that I wouldn't trade for the world.  How are you already six weeks old? It brings me back to being six weeks pregnant with you; not dealing with morning sickness luckily, the news had been revealed to all the people that matter, stress was running high, I spent my days wondering how quickly the pregnancy would go, what gender you would be and what you would look like. I'm happy that you're six weeks old and I'm not six weeks pregnant.  Being pregnant with you was amazing, you made it so easy for me (thank you!), but having you here is a whole different kind of amazing.

I don't feel like too much is changing from week to week yet.  We still don't have a set routine, it's hard because I feel like we're going through one growth spurt and then immediately starting another one.  You're still wearing newborn clothes, but just barely! I know I said last week that you probably wouldn't be this week, but you are and I'm soaking the tininess in for all that it is.  You're still wearing size one diapers, and I'm pretty sure that you will be for awhile.  You look so cute in them because they're huge and go up way past your belly button.  As far as sleeping and napping go, those aren't exactly your favorite things.  You are a needy baby and always want to be held and bounced, making things a little bit difficult for Mommy, but that's okay.  In the moments where I'm thinking that it would be really nice if I could put you down for a nap to do the dishes I almost instantly remember that these days are numbered, before long you won't want me to hold you all the time.  I need to embrace each and every needy moment.  We went to the doctors yesterday (six weeks two days) about your blocked tear duct not getting better and for your increased spitting up as well.  We found out that you now weigh nine pounds two ounces and also have acid reflux.  Hooray for being just .6 ounces away from being a whole pound more than your birth weight! Unfortunately, you are on a prescription now for the reflux but I will do whatever it takes to make you feel better, so a prescription it is.

At six weeks I want to remember your reaction to having the little velcro strips on your diaper pulled loose when I go to change your diaper.  You throw your hands up and immediately start looking around with an "I didn't do it!" expression.  I want to remember how much you love laying on your changing table and looking around, usually cross-eyed, for up to ten minutes sometimes.  I want to remember the absurdly long hair on your ears, even though it freaks me out.  I want to remember how wide your belly gets when it's full.  I want to remember your constant need to grab a hold of something, anything when you're being held, even if that's my chin.  I want to remember that you're starting to like getting baths, especially when I put your big ducky washcloth on your belly to keep you warm.  I want to remember that at six weeks old with your head in the crook of my arm (eating) my fingers reach to your bottom, that's how tiny you are.  I think it should also be noted that you're still continuing to like your carseat more and more.

I love you more than yesterday, Cooper.  I know I'll love you even more tomorrow.  Thank you for the joy you have brought into my life.




  1. Do you have an infant carrier, like an ergo or anything? Those things make it nice for when baby wants to be held but you need to get stuff done.

  2. He is precious. I love his little facial expressions :)

  3. Cooper photographs always make me "oooh"

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