Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Randoms

Go ahead and swoon.

+ My iphoto application on my Mac will not open.  It says it is open but it does not actually show up on my screen.  I can only view it on full screen and I am REALLY irritated.  Somebody? Anybody? Know how to fix this?

+ Our very first book club book has been selected and I could not be more excited. The votes were tallied and the winner is "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green.  I'm actually going to hop over to amazon right now and buy it so I can get started.

+ Do you see at the top where I have that whole read 50 books in 2012 thing? I've actually put a huge dent in it, but I'm no where near 50 yet.  The thing is, I still think I can do it.  I have this odd love for free kindle books.  I check the top 100 free kindle books every once in awhile and usually end up downloading 5 or 10.  The books? They're almost always terrible, but enticing all at the same time.  So I read them and then make inside jokes with my best friend about things being as good as a free kindle book.  See how easily I'm amused?

+ One of my boobs is horrendously larger than the other.  I won't tell you which is which, so don't ask ;) TMI, I know, but I had to share.

+ I'm thankful for so much.  You know, Cooper as a whole of course.  But I'm especially thankful that he allows me to take a shower each morning.  In fact, there has not been a morning since the afternoon he was born that I have not been able to shower.  I deserve major mom points. 

+ I really need some new nail polish.  And then I really need to find the time to paint my nails.

+ Speaking of nails, I really need a pedicure.  My feet are embarrassing.  I just don't want to leave Cooper to have them done... so embarrassing feet it is.

+ I have an insane love for cranberry juice.  Apple cranberry, cherry cranberry, raspberry cranberry... you name it, I'll drink it in far too large of quantities.

+ I signed up for my LSAT review course yesterday.  Adios $900.00.  You better be worth it.  

+ Franks birthday is Sunday.

+ Target has so many cute fall clothes out now.  I really need to start bringing in some money so I can spend some money!

+ I'll stop rambling now.  Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Friday to you too! I definitely need to do my nails too, they are alll chipped right now. It's a cute look, I know. So excited about our first book club book :)

    1. I rock chipped nails always! They end up chipping the day I paint them or have them done, so chipped they stay!

  2. Target has cute everything all the time! I am such a sucker for Target. Glad the book club has the ball rolling! I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday for a couple of other things and saw The Fault in Our Stars, but I knew I could find it cheaper online so I'll be at Amazon this weekend as well! Happy Friday!

    1. Me too, girl! Yay, can't wait to get started on it!

  3. For your boob that is bigger nurse on that side more.. Might help. I also love the free kindle books haha

    1. I've been trying that, no luck so far but I'm not giving up!!