Friday, August 10, 2012

Let's Start A Book Club!

I want to be a part of a book club, badly.
I read about them and hear about them but can't seem to find them?
I was thinking, for those that are in the same boat as myself, that we could start an online book club full of bloggers!  I'm sure these already exist but where are they? And how do you become a part of the club? I'm not sure!

So this is what I'm thinking:
- We need to find people who want to be a part of this club (15 maybe?)
- We need to all talk/email and decide how we would like to coordinate it (Will be create a blog post about the book of the month and then chat there? Will be skype?)There's a lot to figure out!

I'm not sure about you, but I have a really strong urge lately to make new friends and blogging is such a great way to do that.  I also really love to read and am always looking for new reading suggestions.

Let's do this.

Leave a comment with your email address, assuming this is a success, aka people are interested in being a part of this, I will send out an email to get the ball rolling! If it's not a success, I'll send out an email anyway :) 


  1. Hey! I know Katlyn @ had a book club going on previously. Maybe you can join there too?

  2. I would LOVE to join a Blogging Book Club! Count me in :)