Sunday, August 26, 2012

On Making Friends

I have this craving for new friendships lately.
There's nothing wrong with the friendships I have, there are just a few now and I think that is where the itch stems from.
Graduating high school meant friendships ending and then never living on campus during college meant missing out on the opportunity to meet life-long friends.
And then I had a baby -- that really weeded out the friendships that were still standing.
I crave conversation during the day when it's just the little guy and I.
I want emails to email back to.
I want texts at all hours of the day -- and tweets too!
I need more friendships, which surprises me.
I used to have a lot of friends.

I can't possibly be the only one wanting to make new friends in this blogger world? New moms, 20's girls, no kids, it doesn't matter.
I suppose that doing a little "cry for help" like this probably isn't the best way to make friends, but it was on my mind.
I think through our new book club new friendships will bloom, but it doesn't have to stop there.
I'm such a lurker, but I'm trying to work on that.
You should too.

My emails above, my twitter is too -- wanna be friends?


  1. I totally know how you feel. Life gets a little lonely. How is mommy hood in general going? Email me..

  2. I know what you mean, since I've moved away from home after college its been much harder to make new friends! I just read a really cute book about our plight you might like, it was called "MWF Seeking BFF" by Rachel Bertsche. *internet hugs*