Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I'm Diggin' // V. 2

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It's about what I was diggin'

+ I'm loving THIS Halloween costume idea for adults like myself with little or no time to apply towards a super awesome costume.

+ I wish I had copious amounts of spare cash because I would really love THIS dress from Madewell.  I'll take the mint and red, thankyouverymuch! 

+ And while we're at Madwell, I'll take THIS too.  
(I feel like my style is constantly shifting. I also feel like I can't afford the style that I would like to sport, if you were wondering). 

+ I think Coopy needs THIS romper, it is to.die.for. Oh, and THIS too.  We love Mini Boden.

+ I'm randomly into the whole nautical thing lately, THESE earrings are really cute.

+ My best friend is having THIS as her daughters 2nd birthday theme.  I think it is perfect for a little girl!

And just because I can...

My goodness, I have THE cutest niece around.

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  1. 'I also feel like I can't afford the style that I would like to sport' yes yes yes, this is exactly how I feel!! and it's SO unfair.. because in my mind, I have an idea of how I should look, but all I see in my closet is the same old jeans and sweaters.

    Those rompers are adorable.. if I can't find one here then I'll have to make one myself because they are SO sweet!