Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 10

Cooper Doo,

Ten weeks! TEN weeks.  I was thinking yesterday that we've had you here with us for ten weekends and that didn't sound like very long, but when you put it into days or even say two months, it feels like we've had you here with us for awhile now.  I've loved week ten so much.  You do this thing now where you will actually sit in my lap without crying or needing to be bounced, it is amazing.   You are progressively hating me taking showers more and more.  You start to cry almost immediately now when placed in your bouncy chair but a mama has to take a shower, so shower I do.  Your smiles are frequenting us more and more and you are melting the hearts of everyone around you.  If I could capture that gummy smile in a bottle, I so would.  You're also starting to find your voice and it is adorable, sometimes it sounds like you're saying hey and I get a good laugh out of that.  You "talk" the most when on your changing table.  I'll talk to you, you'll talk back, I'll start to laugh and you'll get the biggest smile on your face.  I can see in your face how much you love me and I can only hope that it is just as evident on my face to you.  Putting you down for tummy time is happening more and more, but it honestly scares me! You try to crawl and it completely freaks me out, you're not old enough for that yet, grasshopper.

Diapers: size one
Clothes: newborn & some 0-3 months
Weight: 10.8 lbs

We had to visit the doctors yesterday because Monday you were a complete wreck all day long and it really made me start to think that something might have been wrong with your stomach.  Thankfully, everything checked out and I'm really hoping we never have another day like that again.  This mama was wore out so daddy ordered pizza and had Nanny and Poppy come over to help out for a little while.  We also made a run to Target to get some Gripe Water and Gumdrop paci's (yes, I've yet to give up on that yet) and you took the new paci for the car ride home, but have wanted nothing to do with it since.  I really wish you'd take a paci so I refuse to give up!

I know I'm jumping around a lot here, but it allows me to feel like I've gotten everything down, so let's go with it.

You're consistently sleeping 4-6 hours in the beginning of the night and I love it.  Typically, I will swaddle you, nurse you until you fall asleep and then ever so gently place you in your bed next to mine.  If you don't go to sleep by nursing then we bounce and bounce until you fall asleep and then I will put you in your bed and you (nearly) always walk up so we bounce again and then you fall asleep again and then I put you in your bed again and you will normally stay asleep.

You pretty much always cry when I'm not holding you and someone else is, unless you're sleeping.  You are a mama's boy through and through.  I can't say that I mind it either :) Although, sometimes I feel like I might lose my mind when I can't even set you down for two minutes to go to the bathroom.  We're working on it though.

As always, you are the light of my life.  My love for you is growing daily and it always surprises me because I feel like I could never love you more than I already do today.

I love you.



  1. What beautiful photos of all those smiles! Congrats on your little one.

  2. thanks for your fun comment on my blog! cooper's adorable :) you'll love having a little boy :) btw....stalk all you want lol

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Newest follower, your boy is adorable!