Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 8


Eight weeks? EIGHT weeks? Where is the time going? I'm attempting to document like crazy, to help this time pass a little easier, but it doesn't seem to be helping me.  I'm sad.  I'm sad that you are already just about two months old (this Saturday).  It doesn't seem like two months have passed since my water broke and I experienced (one) of the most exciting moments of my life.  Having you laying on my chest for the first time was, hands down, THE most exciting moment of my life.  You're changing and you're changing quickly.  I can pull you out of a cry to smile and it is a beautiful thing.  Granted, it lasts all of .2 seconds before the crying resumes, but it warms my heart nonetheless.  

You still hate just about everything except my arms.  It is a circus around here daily.  Put Cooper in bouncer, put Cooper in boppy, put Cooper in swing, put Cooper on floor to play, and put Cooper on changing table.  I get a happy Cooper for about five minutes at each station and I cannot move from station to station.  Each station must be followed by copious amounts of arm holding.  You, my sweet baby, are exhausting.  BUT you are my child, so I expected nothing less.  I will entertain you for the rest of our lives, if you'll allow. You are the worst day napper of all, I'm lucky to get a nap, in fact. By the end of the night you are so tired that I can expect it to go one of two ways: 1) you are beyond overtired and will NOT go to sleep or, 2) you are so tired that you conk out without even the slightest fight.  You have become really fond of your carseat this week and are now the champ of carseat sleeping, only while the car is in motion or I am rocking you though, of course.  Can you believe that you can still fit into newborn clothes.  I think it has officially been a month since I said that we were on our last week with the newborn clothes.  In all honestly, you probably shouldn't still be wearing them, they're a bit snug, but the next size up is still pretty baggy.  Too big or too small, which is the lesser of the evils? Probably too big.  Oh well.  You're still in size 1 diapers and you.go.through.them.  Changing diapers is like one of our favorite things to do together (hah!).  

Anyone can pull a smile out of you these days.  You don't reserve them in the slightest, assuming the person attempting to evoke a smile can do crazy things with their voice.  If someone made a video of me trying to get you to smile if would probably be a huge source of humor for thousands on youtube.  I will say this though, you are all smiles on your own in the morning.  It is more the afternoon and night that I have to pull them out of you.  You still love to eat and can be found attached to me pretty much way too often.  As far as sleeping goes, I'm still incredibly impressed with your ability to sleep at night.  This past week you have even been sleeping in your own bed (which sits right next to my head).  I'm proud of you, so proud. 

In times of desperation I can be found bouncing on a bright red yoga ball with you snuggled against my chest.  Like I said, it's a circus up in here.  You LOVE to bounce and I am officially tired of bouncing!  We've been taking our walks nightly still and you really seem to enjoy them, assuming you've been fed immediately before we set off.  Baths are still probably your favorite time of the day, I don't blame you either. I actually like that time of the day too :)

So what am I missing? We've just about moved up a size in socks. Your hair is still growing at a scary rate.  Your nails got cut for the second time ever this week and by your daddy this time too (I cut your skin the first time I attempted to cut them and have refused to do a second attempt since).  You are excellent at turning your head when you spit up and, consequently, it all ends up running in your ear.  Yummy.  You love to be in the moby wrap.  You little friend Addison refers to you as "Pooper" and "Poopy." It is hilarious.  I bought you a third type of paci this week and you didn't like that kind either.  So Nuk, Mam and Tommy Tippie are all busts.  Although, I did stick your prop mustache paci in your mouth and you sucked on it.  Hooray, Avent it is.  

As always, you are the little light of my life.  I love you more than ever.  I love ability to grab onto things.  I love your big eyes.  I love how easily startled you are.  I love how long your fingers and eyelashes are.  You are perfection and your mine.  I'm beyond blessed.  After watching Dr. Phil today I have so many worries about raising a boy.  I so badly hope that you will respect not only me and all of your elders, but all people in general, especially women.  I want you to appreciate life and all that it entails.  I want you to be cautious but not fearful.  And if we're being completely honest, I want you to be more like me and less like your daddy :)

You're the best!

Love always,


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