Monday, October 1, 2012


I sure do love the Fall.  And doing fun Fall things.  Like, going to the corn maze that we couldn't find our way out of.  And watching the princess admire her new face stamp in the mirror.  And getting tiny cute pumpkins.  That's fun too. 


  1. Love the pumpkin patch! Your little guy is too cute! Your niece is looking so much older and is adorable!

  2. Ah I am so jealous of you American's and the way you do fall! We have none of that fun stuff here.. nor do we really celebrate Halloween and obviously we don't have Thanksgiving so rather than corn mazes and pumpkin stuff, we spend Autumn mourning the loss of Summer and bracing ourselves for the horror that lies ahead ( WINTER)..

    Cute pics, I love the littles they looks so sweet and I love that you're a baby wearer!!

  3. Aw this looks like so much fun! Such a perfect fall outing :)