Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 13


Sunday the seventh marked thirteen weeks of your life and Monday the eighth marked three whole months.  What are the right words, the best words, to write down that will wholly express to you what these past three months have meant to me?  I hope one day that you will be able to partly comprehend what you do to my heart.  I can barely comprehend it myself, but it's wonderful.

When I talk about you and write to you I feel like a person that I've never been, but have always wanted to be. I'm a better person now, because of you.  I think more about others feelings and I truly feel for others now too.  You've brought a joy into my life and filled a hole that I never even knew that I had.  You make me think deeply and feel more passionate about life.  I've become overly sentimental and I'm really okay with it.

This week has been so big for you.  I feel like I have a different baby now.  You laughed at me!  Full on laughed after a week or more of trying and building up to it.  Do you want to know what it sounded like? It was beautiful and music to my ears.  I want to hear you laugh for all the days of my life.  You also talk, talk, talk now.  So much talking and saying "hey!".  You've decided that carseats are for the birds and you aren't a bird so you want nothing to do with it.  It makes riding in the car such a joy! You have sat in (and enjoyed) you Bumbo twice now for all of ten minutes, which works for me.  You have been going to sleep easier and starting to get the hang of the whole paci thing as well.

Your Nanny told me that the first three months are the hardest and that things really start to change and get easier after that and it seems as though she was right.  The first three months of your life were challenging on many different levels, but I loved them so much, just like I'll love all of the next months of your life.  I take the words of wisdom and kind advice that people share with me about parenting but I really think that it is mostly just something that you have to learn for yourself.  It's trial and error, I think.

Some quick stats:

Diapers: size one
Clothes: newborn, zero-three months, three months
Favorite Things: mommy, nursing, looking in the mirror, your changing table, bath time
Tummy Time: you will tolerate it for around ten minutes and roll over whenever you feel like it

My prayers for you today are that you will love the Lord, obey your parents and follow your heart and dreams.  I have so much hope for your little life.  So many people feel the need to learn things the hard way and I really hope that won't apply to your life.  I want you to be an individual.  I want you to never be afraid to stand out and to stand up for what you believe in.  I want you to care about your health.  I want you to always know that there will be consequences for your actions.  I want you to always know just how much I love you.

You're my heart and soul Cooper Doo.

I love you.


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  1. Your posts for Cooper are so, so sweet! I especially love your prayers for him :)