Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 15

Baby Boy,

Fifteen weeks old.  Three months and two weeks old. What? How are we already almost to the 1/3 of a year mark.  I'm not ready for this.  This whole you growing up thing, it's happening too quickly.  This past week has been a real slap in the face.  You are changing, learning and growing each second of each day.  I don't even like to walk out of the room for fear I'll come back in and you'll be showing off a new trick.  I keep thinking to myself that I am so happy I decided to take online classes this semester, what if I was at school while you were learning to roll over. What if someone else was feeding you each day.  My heart can't even handle that.  We struggle in a lot of ways, but I wouldn't trade this life at home with you for anything.

You really make me laugh when you're on the floor these days.  You prefer to be in my arms so that's where you are most of each day, but we are vigilant about the tummy time, bumbo time and the time we spend letting you stand on your legs and practice sitting up.  You love to look in the mirror that we have on the floor with you.  It is a soft toy with a plastic-type mirror and sea animals all around it.  You will stick your tongue out and smile at yourself and then there is me, laying on the floor beside you laughing my tail off.  You don't stay on your tummy for long because you're so good at rolling over now.  After about ten minutes on the floor you will start talking really loudly and it turns into these short little screams.  I can tell that you're going to have a bit of a temper, Lord help us!  I can't imagine who you got that from ;) Apparently as I child I was quite the heathen.

Last week nap time was a really big struggle but this week it's been a breeze.  You've taken about three naps a day ranging from forty five minutes to an hour.  You will fall asleep in the car, in the Moby Wrap, while I rock you or while I bounce you.  And speaking of sleep, I have officially deemed you too long for the bassinet at the top of your pack n play, so as of last night you are now sleeping on the middle level! You didn't seem to notice a difference, so I'd say it was a success.

I don't think I've mentioned your spitting up in awhile.  I am happy to report that you are not spitting up nearly as much as you used to and that we have not had to go back to the doctors about it!  You were put on Zantac which we used for about two weeks, but I noticed that it wasn't helping so I decided to take you off of it.

In other news, you don't like your swing, you don't like your bouncer, you don't like your activity mat, you don't like your carseat, you DO like your new light up and song singing toys we got you this week, you do love to eat, you do love your changing table, you do love your tubby time, you do love your mommy to hold you... and that's about it!

Cooper Doo.  I love you so, so, so, so much.  I love our days together (as always) and I love the way you challenge me.  You have taught me patience that I have never had before. You have done wonderful things to my life.  I love your three little rolls that you have on each thigh now and I love your eyes that seem to be turning green like your daddy's.  I love your crazy hair that stick out everywhere and I even love the way you throw your body around now when you're mad.  I love your little voice and all of your facial expressions.  You're the best.

Love always,


diapers: size 1
clothes: 0-3, 3 months


  1. Look at that smile!!! He is sooo cute!

  2. haha that mustache paci is so cute, we got matthew a "grillz" one haha. He doesn't like it though!! it's a scoop nipple one, and for some reason he doesn't want to take those ones!! This little guy is growing & growing!! Smiley little one :)