Monday, November 12, 2012


+ I am still devastated that I finished watching all of the seasons of Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  It's been three weeks.

+ As far as I can tell, Parenthood hasn't been on in two weeks. WHY?

+ I just started watching Gossip Girl on Netflix yesterday, I like it pretty well.

+ I should probably stop talking about TV now.  I swear I don't just sit around and watch shows all day.

+ Good things have come with Cooper turning four months old.  I'm praying that this isn't temporary.

+ I read the book The Scourge in less than two days (with a four  month old, this says something).  It was really good and I think you should go read it... now.

+ I got backed into a corner and ended up having to have lunch with the monster.  This really deserves a post of its own.

+ Cooper and I are flying to New Hampshire in 19 days.  Ahh! I'm really freaked out about flying with a baby.  Tips or advice?

+ My eyes just got opened up to Cotton On --- hello, really cute clothes! It reminds me of Zara and F21.

+ My appetite has been really weird lately and I've been having a lot of headaches.  I'm thinking my body doesn't like the Mirena that much, but we're just going to have to deal with it because this mommy brain would never be able to remember to take a pill each day at the same hour.

+ Things with Frank are still so complicated.  I'm beyond ready for us to be a happy, healthy family.

+ Three things have been spilled on my carpet in the last three hours.  And now we need a carpet cleaner.

+ I need to make a board on Pinterest of DIY Christmas decorations.  Now that we have our own home the holidays are so fun!

+ Speaking of DIY, my mom and I are going to be sewing Cooper, Frank and I stockings!! I'm so excited.  We're also going to be sewing Coopers crib skirt because it's beyond time to do that.

That's all I've got so I'll leave you with this.  Eat. Your. Heart. Out. He's all mine!

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