Sunday, November 25, 2012


[This is the post I wish I had come across during the first few weeks of breastfeeding my little Cooper J.]

Our journey has been rocky and after four.five months I can finally say that we are both comfortable and know what we are doing.  It seems like most new moms have difficulty breastfeeding, whether it be getting past the pain or that it is incredibly time consuming, and making it through a week or four months is absolutely amazing and I am proud of you.

Cooper had a terrible latch right from the beginning, we're talking bleeding nipples.  Did you even know there was such a thing? I did not.  It was horrifying. And then Cooper had a little stay at the Childrens Hospital and we had a visit from a lactation consultant, she determined that Cooper was tongue-tied, brought me a nipple shield and my life was forever changed.  We had Coopers frenulum clipped which was supposed to significantly help with his latch but it did not, so for four months we used the nipple shield and breastfed painlessly!  

The thing with the nipple shield is that, from my experience, it hinders your flow (among possible other things) and calls for thirty to forty five minute nursing sessions.  I had no intentions of weaning Cooper from the shield because it seemed to be working great for us but one day, about two weeks ago, Cooper decided that he was a big boy and no longer needed it.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset because there is definitely some pain that I'm dealing with right now but our nursing sessions have gone from thirty + minutes to ten minutes and it has changed our world.

For the first few months, or longer for some, breastfeeding is all consuming.  You will feed around the clock, have no time to pump and literally feel like you can't even leave the house.  The night Cooper was born he ate for around four hours straight, the nurse referred to it as cluster feeding and it was intense.  I remember thinking that if this was going to be the norm, I surely couldn't go on.  Thankfully, that wasn't the case.  Cooper has consistently eaten every two hours four the first four months of his life and is just now, at nearly five months old, going every three.  We have gotten more comfortable with feeding in other places besides our chair or the couch and can now just do a quick feed in the car if needed!

I want to tell you that breastfeeding is hard.  So hard.  It is also so rewarding and worth pushing through for.  I won't go into the health benefits for both you and baby because I think we all know how amazing it is.  The bond that is created between you and baby is so special, the time you spend snuggling as you feed your child is like no other and the stares... oh the stares.  My favorite breastfeeding moments are when Cooper is staring up into my eyes, it is the sweetest thing.

I am not judging of formula feeding mamas, I have chose to exclusively breastfeed my Cooper because I think that is the best fit for us!

If you are thinking about breastfeeding but are still unsure, do your research.  If you are breastfeeding but thinking about quitting due to pain or supply issues, see a lactation consultant.  Our world is becoming more and more pro-breastfeeding and there are several resources out there for you!

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  1. Jinx! I just posted my breastfeeding story, too! I loved reading yours!

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