Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 17

{Wrote this yesterday}

Baby Boy,

I waited until today to write my letter to you because not only are you seventeen weeks old this week, you are also FOUR months old today.  I can hardly believe how the fast four months have passed and I fear for how quickly the next four will go.  It's important to say that I'm also very excited though.  I love how you change each day, even though you lose a bit of newborn-ness each day, it is so fun to see you learn the world.  I watch you watch things everyday and it is fascinating.  What I would give to remember being your age.

We had a good day today.  I feel like you decided to be more of a big boy today, since you turned four months old and all.  Our car trips are normally filled with a lot of crying, but not today.  Same goes for our adventures into stores.  You napped well and easily for me today and even let me eat dinner without having to juggle you in one arm and my food in the other.  Each day is different with you, and since tomorrow brings shots, I'm sure we will have a rough day tomorrow.  I'm grateful for the "easy" days though.

You seem to enjoy playing the floor a little bit more this week and I notice you noticing the TV a bit more as well.  You are quick to roll onto your sides when I lay you down on your back, so I know you will be doing the back to stomach roll any day now.  It's so exciting seeing you conquer new milestones, but I'm in no rush.  I try to remind myself each day that even though I want you to be smart and advanced, I'm not going to push you.  I want  you to do things when you are ready.  I'm not sure why this is even a worry though, given how early (two months old) you started rolling from stomach to back, talking, smiling, etc.  You are taking your paci more, loving when mommy kisses your cheeks, loving your toys, loving your changing table, loving standing up and absolutely hating going to sleep!

I decided to put a size 2 diaper on you this past Sunday because we finally ran through our stock of size 1's and they were pretty huge.  You're such a little peanut Mr. James!  Considering how you blow out of a diaper though, I decided to just continue to put 2's on you.  We don't even need to begin to get into how many outfits you have ruined with those blowouts of yours!

In three shorts weeks we will be flying up to New Hampshire together and I am so excited.  I can't wait for you to meet all of your family and to see snow for the first time.  You won't remember this trip but you know Mama is going to be taking A LOT of pictures! Document, document, document.  I'm excited for all of our future adventures together; our little family, exploring the world together.  I'm going to teach you all I know, and I know that you will teach me too.

So as always, I love you more than ever and I love our days together.  I'm absolutely wore out by you this week, but it doesn't make me feel any less love :)  This teething, it's insane, but we'll get through it. You make my heart sing, sweet boy.

My prayers for you this week for your future are to count your blessings daily, to love God and church, to take your responsibilities seriously and to love with all of your heart.

Love always,


Coopers 4 month well visit revealed that Cooper weighs 12.3 pounds and is 25 inches long.  He is a peanut but he is perfect! 

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