Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 18

Dear New Baby,

Yes. New baby.  New baby who lets Mama put you to sleep for naps in under three minutes, compared to the usual forty-five.  New baby who lets others hold you without you crying in thirty seconds or less.  New baby who watches people talk, is always looking around to find the voice that is speaking, who constantly looks overhead to see whats dangling, who grabs anything I set in front of you, who loves his hands and stares at them while clasping and unclasping them and who enjoys playing on the floor now.

I'm holding my breath, fearing that this is a (good) stage and that the slightly more choosy baby will rear his little head any moment now but I'm also enjoying this new you.  It is known how much I love you and how much I've loved the first four months of your life, but they have been so. very. hard. and I'd be lying if I said that this new you didn't make me love you even more.  Being able to hold you without having to bounce or stand on my head to keep you happy has allowed us to grow even closer, to share more snuggles and more wordless conversations.  

I love when you stare at me.  It is the most precious thing.  You little eyes will search my face, taking me in, and then you find my eyes and you hold them as if you're silently telling me what I mean to you.  I never want these stares to end, but I know that they will be all too soon.  

Same goes for the reflex that you have to grab onto my finger just as soon as I put it near your hand.

Week eighteen has been fun.  We've spent lots of time with the family and our friends, you went to your first movie (Twilight Breaking Dawn - Part Two, I mean, what else?), we had lunch at El Charro with Nanny, lunch at Johnny's with Auntie Ally and the Princess, we went to the Covington Christmas Tree Lighting and heard carolers and drank hot coco, we took long naps and we woke frequently every single night.  It's always good times around here :)

Thank you for being the very best part of each day, for always waking each morning with a big "HEY!" and lots of smiles, for allowing me to be your mama, for clinging to me so tightly, and for grabbing for my hair for security... it's basically the cutest.

My prayers for you for your future are to be forgiving, to remember your health and appreciate it and to be sensitive to others and their feelings.  

I love you more than ever!


P.S. You're mostly wearing size two diapers now and I put you in size 3-6 months pants, they swallow you whole but it's too cold to not be wearing pants! 

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