Friday, November 23, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 19

Baby Boy,

Nineteen weeks! Four and a half months! This is crazy. 

I was looking through my phone trying to decide which pictures to delete because my memory is about full and I came across a picture of your friend Addison when she was just about a year old.  I sent it to her mama and she replied saying that she could barely remember what Addison was like then, just one year ago.  What's sad is that I barely remember what you were like a one month old and that was only three months ago.  I take pictures of you everyday, so I have visual proof of what you looked like and I have videos as well, but it's the day to day stuff.  What did we do all day?  I don't remember it.

I'm trying to get everything down because I need to remember the day to day stuff.

Ever since Tuesday (11/20/12) you have been all about your feet.  You "found" them about three weeks ago but they didn't peak your interest until the past couple of days.  It is the sweetest thing ever, as soon as I lay you down your feet immediately come up and meet your hands and on the occasional time that you don't have one foot in each hand, you have one hand holding one foot and one hand in your mouth.  Just about every picture I have taken of you this week you have your feet up in the air.  I love it so much.

This week we've been out and about getting Christmas decorations, making wreaths, and enjoying the nice weather while we still have it.  We celebrated your first Thanksgiving this week and you went on your first Black Friday shopping trip!  Thanksgiving was a busy day and you got very little sleep which  led to a bit of a rough night but we survived!  It is absolutely amazing the transformation you have made, you allowed several "strangers" to hold and love on you and you didn't cry for mama one time.  It made me proud that you're getting better with other people but it broke my heart at the same time, I love being your favorite person and I never want that to change.

Everyone has been commenting lately about how tiny you are.  It gets frustrating having to continuously defend your weight, I do it though because you're perfect and I know that one day you will grow big and strong and for now I just want to soak in your tininess.  You're an exclusively breastfed baby and I guess most people are just used to big ole formula fed babies.  You're healthy and that's all that matters.

You're picking up on new facial expressions and seriously crack me up!  You will smile at me every single time I smile at you.  I love how easy it is to get that beautiful grin out of you and I love it even more when you smile and then tuck your chin in, I can just imagine you thinking "man, I love my mama!"  Your tummy is a little ticklish so I love to say "mommys gonna get your belly, get your belly" and I tickle you and you laugh, laugh, laugh.  You have the sweetest squeal and it warms my heart so much.

Your Papa Gates declares to everyone that you are the prettiest baby to ever be born and I couldn't agree with him more.  We literally cannot go anywhere without several people pointing out how gorgeous and perfect you are.  It's true baby, you are flawless.

I love you so much.  I love your refusal to roll over now; it's like you've showed me several times that you can do it so you're just not going to bother with it anymore.  I love how you open your mouth up wide when I give you lots of kisses, I think you're kissing me back!  I love how you always want me to hold you and are content just as soon as I pick you up.  I love how everyone says "he sure does love his mommy", thank you for making it so evident.  I love your hands that people say came from me (long fingers!) and even your fingernails which grow way too fast.  

You're my sweet pumpkin head!

I love you more than ever.


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