Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 21

My little ball of energy,

This week has been so fun with you.  We are in New Hampshire until tomorrow, which also happens to be your FIVE month birthday, and you have had such a great time here.  It has certainly been a big week filled with meeting a lot of new people (Nana, David, Bill, Tyler, Anna, Sharon, Ed, Will, Little Libby, Angelika's Meme, her mom, her step-dad and Angelikas roommates) and going to a lot of new places, you have handled it like a champ though smiling and squealing at everyone.   

We ate at Olive Garden the first night we were here and you were so happy (to be out of your carseat I'm sure).  You were screaming and I was getting compliments left and right about how cute you are.  Once man even came out of his way when his family was leaving to tell me that you had made their night because they love to see happy babies!  It was so sweet.  You will probably think I'm over exaggerating but literally every person that takes the time to stop and look at you and talk to you tells me how perfect you are; we hear that you are the most beautiful baby they have ever seen at least three times each day.  Okay I'll stop bragging now.

You have learned a few new tricks this week which has been really sweet to watch.  You are now spitting and blowing bubbles non-stop, you try to sit up while you're laying flat on your back which brings about some frustration, you will scream until someone looks at you and then proceed to smile at them, you are beginning to wave (watching Mama's hand and then trying to move yours in the same motion), you will laugh on your own now without Mama having to stand on her head, and you talk NON-STOP! And this is a huge one... you can pick up my water bottle with both hands and put it in your mouth, so it's sippy cup time when we get home!  I love all of this so much.

You're smiley, oh so smiley. You're personality is huge and so bright.  You're growing so quickly and starting to wear size 6 month pajama's.   You have your fingers in your mouth constantly.  You have severe gas which causes a lot of discomfort.  You have developed extremely bad eczema while being in NH and it is so sad.  You are amazing and perfect and I love you more than ever!

Thanks for being the best thing in my life ever.

Love always,

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