Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 23

Hi Precious!

Mama and Daddy are so proud of you big boy!  We are getting ready to put the pack and play up because you are officially sleeping in your crib now for naps and bedtime.  Hooray!  You are shocking us all with you new skills that don't stop at sleeping, you are now rolling over from you back to stomach!  You started rolling over from your stomach to back extremely early so we weren't really sure why you hadn't mastered the other way yet but it appears as though your right on schedule and even if you weren't we'd be totally okay with that.  You were playing while Daddy and I were eating and next think you know you've flung your body and onto you stomach you went.  It was so funny!

We have full-blown conversations these days and it is beyond adorable.  Your talking is so cute and we can tell that you definitely love your own little voice.  You talk the most when laying on your changing table first thing in the morning.  You will be making high pitched noises and then out will come a new noise, you can tell when this happens and will shine a big smile at me knowing that you've done something to be proud of.  I'm eating up everything you do, as always.

Your love for the outdoors is almost ridiculous (but we are so thrilled of course!).  When you're crying and we can't get you to calm down all it takes is for us to step out onto the porch.  You immediately calm down and snuggle into our shoulder.  It's always nice knowing that during the stickiest situation we have a little ammo.

We're putting you in size six month jammies now because you're so long!  They are a little big but I have no doubts that you will be growing out of them in no time.  We're still in size two diapers and size three month onesies and pants.  We will be starting you on some food next week (at nearly six months old) and are very excited to see what that does to your little petite self!

Our love for you in beyond anything you can ever imagine.  Everything you do is so fascinating and we are truly enjoying watching you take in the world.  You love to feel the Christmas tree and look at all of the ornaments and we think it is just the cutest.  Thank you for being so perfect and wonderful.  You are the very best part of our lives and I hope you'll always know that.

So much love Cooper Doo!


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