Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dear Cooper // Week 24

Little boy,

Where did my baby go? You are now sitting up, laughing non-stop, rolling around on the floor, attempting to pull your knees under you, screaming at the top of your lungs when you're mad, eating "solids", sitting in your high chair and more, all within the past week.  I've been told that you blink your eyes and your  baby is gone, but I didn't expect it to happen like this, so quickly.

My fear of forgetting has been hitting my hard.  I want to remember this day and every day.  I say this a lot, I know.

On Christmas morning you had baby food for the first time.  We gave you Ella's Kitchen organic apples, rutabagas, and spinach and you seemed to like it!  I have many pictures and a video that I plan to post!

One of my favorite things that you are doing this week is saying "hey!" back to me.  You've been saying "hey" since you were less than three months old (borderline creepy!) but now you are using it in the correct context, you little smarty pants you!  You are also saying yeah all the time, and it almost seems like you're using that in the correct context too, but surely not... For example: a lady came up to us in the mall on Christmas Eve and said "are you already for Christmas little cutie?" and you said "yeah!" it was hilarious.

Santa came and brought you so many goodies for Christmas that we're going to have to get a bigger apartment.  Your toys now fill each room and I wouldn't have it any other way!  I love that you are so loved and blessed by so many people.  Nanny and Poppy, Meme and Peepaw, Grand-Nanny and Great Papa, and Nanny Sue got you so many great things on top of what Santa brought you and Mama and Daddy got you!  You're a lucky boy :)

Some important dates:

  • 12/16 - Cooper stayed with Nanny for an hour while Mama and Daddy went out to eat
  • 12/17 - Cooper rolled from his back to front for the first time
  • 12/21- Cooper sat up on his own for the first time and has continued to do so
  • 12/25 - Cooper ate food for the first time
  • 12/26 - Cooper had his first mohawk
  • 12/27- Cooper sat in and ate in his high chair for the first time
You are sleeping in your crib for naps and each night, loving your baths as always, enjoying any and all toys that play music and light up, giving Mama LOTS of kisses, holding on tight when being held, being carried around on Mama's hip now, giving hugs when you miss me and being the best thing ever, as always.

We love you with all of our hearts and cannot believe that you will be SIX months old in less than two months.  My mama heart can't handle it.

I pray that you will be appreciative of all that is provided to you.  I pray that you will love to read and learn.  I pray that you will always give me hugs and kisses.

Love you more than ever.



  1. He really does look like a little boy now- but such a very cute one!!

  2. I love that his first mohawk is in the list of important dates to remember! It'll totally be in my list of dates too! Which reminds me I really need to work on his baby book.