Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flying With an Infant

{waiting at our gate}
I was horrified with how yesterday morning would go, and that might be an understatement.  I love my child to pieces but he isn't exactly easy going, which might also be an understatement.  My Cooper is fighter of naps, hater of his carseat, lover of his mama standing at all times and an excellent crier.  He has gotten boat-loads better but his behavior is still a bit unpredictable so I was loaded with anxiety.

My plan was to arrive at the airport with two hours to get me checked in, through security, to my gate via the shuttle and on the plane.  It didn't quite go like that but I'm actually very thankful for it.

Cooper needed to be fed before we left so that put us fifteen minutes behind and then we needed to grab breakfast and that put us another fifteen minutes behind.  Somehow we ended up at the airport with about an hour until boarding time, insert freakout here.  

(Can I just say that if you're ever feeling bad and wondering where'd all the good people go? they are at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.)

Everyone asked if they could help me and it was seriously the sweetest thing ever, we did need help through security because I couldn't figure out how to fold the snap and go stroller that we borrowed, but besides that, it was a breeze.

Cooper was amazing.  A dream child, really.  And I got spoiled with a great first experience... which probably set the bar so high that it will never be reached again.  He slept on the way to the airport, he slept until we got to security and they made me take him out of his carseat, we only had to wait at the gate for ten minutes before boarding, the plane was almost empty so we had our two seats, the three seats across the aisle from us and the whole row behind us, Cooper ate and slept on the plane, smiling at everyone in between and then did amazing on the two hour ride from Boston to Keene.  THANK YOU JESUS.  THANK YOU.

So this is what we did... if you're going to be flying with a little soon and not sure what to do:

1) We had to check a bag and the carseat base.
2) I carried a backpack through the airport and pushed Cooper in his carseat in the snap and go stroller.  I brought my moby wrap but decided that keeping him in the carseat would be much easier.
3) I gate checked the stroller and intended to do the same with the carseat until we found out the flight was nearly empty.
4) I brought toys to occupy his little four month old self but they weren't even necessary, the other passengers and Mama were distraction enough.

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed all week that our flight home will be equally as painless.

p.s. Cooper got his first set of wings.  Hello awesomeness. 

{plane shots}

{we made it!}
{on our way to Keene - pit stop for some nursing and subs!}
{happy to be at auntie beths house all stretched out!}

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  1. I would be so nervous!! I don't like flying, so I dunno how I would do with my little guy. I love Cooper's eyes!! So pretty & bright!!