Friday, December 21, 2012

NIGHTS 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 {Crib Training}

Night two was amazing.  Amazing as in he only woke up two times.  Whhhattt?

It was awesome for the both of us.  High five Doo!

Nights three, four, five and six?  They've been a little more challenging.

Coopers mouth fairy has decided that it is time for him to get some teeth.  What a nice Christmas present to all of us.  He has been waking up several times throughout the night but at least he is sleeping some and it is in his crib.  I should also add that by 6:15 pm he is spent and ready to get the bedtime routine going.  This means that by 7:30 pm he is in his bed and I am plopped on the couch getting some Mama time in.  I'm LOVING it.

At five months old I finally feel like I am getting my sanity back and we are truly starting to enjoy the day-to-day.  Don't get me wrong, I have loved every second of the past five months but its been really hard work.  Now we have a routine and the crib thing down and it's all just awesome.

Tonight is night seven and I'm really not sure how he is going to do.  I'm hoping he can at least get one long stretch in (four - five hours?) because he really needs it.

Now... if the sleep fairy could come visit us that'd be great.


A not-so zombie mama


  1. So proud of that boy!! Enjoy your mama time! Give him Tylenol before bed and he will sleep amazing with the teething. That's what we do with Jillian. I have a chart from the doctor on correct dosages if you want them!

    1. Me too girl! I so am, it is crazy how much time I have to do things now! We were told 2.3 ML because he is 12.13 lbs does that sound right to you?