Wednesday, December 19, 2012


+ I made lasagna for dinner tonight and it was so, so good.  We tried the noodles that don't require boiling first and they were the bomb.

+ The cookies I made last night (Oatmeal chocolate chip) were awful.  AWFUL.  Now, to remember not to use that recipe again.

+ Christmas is six days away. SIX!

+ I'm actually sad that Christmas is so close because it comes and then it's over before it really even started and that just sucks.

+ I'm not Mormon but I love THIS video and message.

+ I am loving our video baby monitor.  Seriously some of the best money we have ever spent.

+ The wrapping paper we got this year is amazing.  It was 50% off at Hobby Lobby ($3.50 a roll) and it is so thick and pretty.

+ I have decided that our Christmas tree will be staying up until sometime around my birthday.  I love it too much to take down and am even considering finding out just how long a Christmas tree can live in ones house.

+ If Frank comes home from work one more time complaining about work I'm going to lose my brains. FIND A NEW JOB IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOURS! THERE!

+ We're still burning fall candles up in here because spiced pumpkin just makes a home feel so homey.

+ My best friend got some of the best news ever this week and I am beyond thrilled for her!

+ I still cry each day about the shooting.  I still can't imagine the pain.  I wonder when the tears will stop, because they will, but then I feel bad because we should be mourning this for the rest of our lives like those poor parents are.

+ We've been in our home for nine months now and it is finally coming together and looking great.

+ Cooper is a little fish just like his Mama! Love you J!

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