Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Besides the obvious, there is something amazing about taking a vacation.
Especially this kind of vacation.
The kind where you're not going somewhere new, exciting or tropical.

We're five days into this little trip and it has been dreamy.
A lot of family time, Cooper meeting all of the special people who Mama grew up with, so much goodness.
Getting reunited with the kind of food all places should have; bagel shops, lots of bagel shops.

Being a stay at home mom means I get to sleep in each day until Cooper wakes up and we don't normally have much of an agenda, so some might say that I'm always on vacation, but this is different.
This is helping hands while I take a shower each morning.
And Cooper getting loved on all day by more than just Mama.
It is sister time.  Much needed sister time.

I can't even describe what this is doing for my soul.
Sometimes getting out of your home, city and state and hopping on an airplane is the kind of medicine that no doctor could ever prescribe.

I freaking love this vacation.
Even if I'm not in the Bahamas. 

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  1. So glad you're enjoying your vacation! I agree, getting away can be JUST the fix I need. Especially when it's with people I love.