Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 // 2013

We're kissing 2012 goodbye and welcoming in the New Year.  Nothing fancy, just Mama, Daddy and Coopy staying up late and snacking on good food.

2012 was amazing.  It was amazingly beautiful watching my stomach grow to accommodate our growing son.  It was amazing birthing my son and holding him for the first time, laying eyes on each other and basking in the newness.  It was amazingly trying; countless fights with Frank, Frank moving out for nearly a month and doing the single mom thing, having a very needy (colicky?) baby, getting the hang of breastfeeding, and trying to make ends meet. It's amazing the transformations we've made.

At four months old Cooper miraculously stopped crying so much.  At five months old we transitioned Cooper to his crib.  In the meantime Frank and I got a grip on our relationship.  

I will be the first person to say that life is hard and having a bad relationship only makes it harder.  The upside to relationships is that you get to choose; choose to stay, choose to go, choose to fight for it, choose to love it.  I'm so glad that we chose to stay, to fight, to learn to love it again.

Enough about that though.

When I was reflecting this morning (thinking about what I was going to post) I originally thought that 2012 might be a hard year to beat, no nothing will compare to having Cooper, but it's only going to get better.  This is going to be an easy year to beat.  Each subsequent year can be easy to beat if you want it to, if you want to learn something new, set great goals, accomplish said goals.  I have big plans for 2013, 2014, 2015.

It's going to be great.

// Some Plans //

By the end of January: Have an Etsy shop up and running. 

By the end of February: Make dinner four times each week.

By the end of March: Be a great girlfriend to Frank & make him feel appreciated each day.

By the end of April: Be able to wear a size six comfortably. 

By the end of May: Be active five out of seven days of the week.

By the end of June: Read five books this month.

By the end of July: Travel with Cooper somewhere new.

By the end of August: Earn $1,000 by working hard for our family.

By the end of September: (thinking on it)

By the end of October: (thinking on it)

By the end of November: (thinking on it)

By the end of December: Be Graduated from College


  1. Happy New Year to you lady!! It has been so great following along your journey this year, and can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you :)

  2. Eeek! I just saw the pillow on instagram! I can't wait to see what else you do!