Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 25

Cooper J.

I'm a few days behind on writing this letter and I'm going to blame it on you entirely!  You are this crazy little bundle of joy, energy and screams these days which means that I have my hands full 25/7.  

This week has been a little challenging.  You have been extremely attached to me (more so than usual) which makes doing anything very hard.  I cannot step even a foot away from you without you screaming.  You are also getting a tooth on the bottom right side which has made napping and sleeping at night a total nightmare.  We will be so happy when this tooth finally comes through.  

We love to watch you sitting up and playing with your toys (banging your piano!), eating fruit like it's going out of style, spitting out vegetables like they're poison, talking up a storm, saying hey all the time, and newly this week, WAVING! We are so proud of you!

This next week is going to be hard on both of us, probably more on me than you, or at least I'm hoping so anyway.  Mama is starting back school on campus and I am dreading it.  I do not want to leave you, I am terrified.  I'm worried about being able to pump enough for you, if you're going to be crying for me and I can't get to you quick enough, etc.  I know we will make it through but it's going to be rough.

Tuesday you will be SIX months old.  That will be a post of its own, but really, how did we get to this age so quickly?

You've been so good riding in the car and going out and about.  You absolutely love going "bye bye!" as we call it.  On the days when you're extra fussy and we haven't left the house yet, I know that doing just that will be the perfect medicine. I can tell that you are just like me in that aspect, always wanting to be on the go!  This week we had our usual Friday lunch with the family at Johnny's, you stayed with your Nanny for an hour while Mama made a quick run to the store (only the second time I've ever left you), we went to Athens to the hospital to meet your new little friend Kenslea, and we had a cookout with our best friends The Stones!

I love you more than ever, my big boy!


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