Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 26 // SIX Months Old

best baby in the world,

there's been a lot of reflecting going on this week.  how has six months already passed?  wasn't i just just 38 weeks pregnant, dying to meet you and bigger than a house?  you arrived and it's been a whirlwind since then.  

each month has been my favorite.  is that even allowed to happen?  it was so exciting when you started cooing, and then you were smiling, quickly you started rolling over, and then it was laughing and now, now you are sitting up and holding your spoon like you know what do to with it.  it's kinda not fair that this is going so quickly.  

(we find out your stats tomorrow)

at six months old you are jumping.  jumping i tell you!  literally, too.  you are so different from last week (i think i said that last week).  you are digging your head into my shoulder as we dance around your room getting things ready for bed, just telling me it's time to hurry along.  when it's time to sleep, you're on it.  you have been taking two good naps a day this week (hello two hour nap, i really like you!) and sleeping much better than last week (hello only waking up two times each night, i really like you too!).  you love your feet tickled while taking your bath, when mama sticks her tongue out at you while we're looking in the mirror, jumping in your jumparoo, and going for walks in your stroller.  you don't like food (nursey nursey, you say!), getting your diaper changed when you're tired, or being on your belly.  i respect your wishes and all, but sitting in a dirty diaper just isn't an option my friend.

i have a feeling that things are about to change in a dramatic way, at least they need to anyway, for the both of us and the betterment of our lives.  do you know how much i love you? do you know that i have done my very best for you and always will? i can't imagine a day without you, it's just not an option.  

i pray that you will be the best man that you can be when you are older.  i understand needing to find your way, having fun, and living selfishly while you can, but i hope that i can instill values in you that will make me the proudest mama around for all of the years to come.  don't get me wrong, i will always be proud of you, but i want to always be proud of your words and actions too.  love the Lord baby, it will be the only thing that gets you through this life.  

thank for you being the very best part of my life.

i love you more than ever.