Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For Memory's Sake // Christmas 2012

Growing up Christmas was where it was at.  We didn't ever have much money but our Christmas's never reflected that.  We were raised knowing that the true meaning of Christmas wasn't present related, but presents we got nonetheless.  There is something about coming down the stairs to a living room full of presents, it is pure magic.  

I've always thought that I would provide the best Christmas's for my littles like I had because they gave me some of the best memories.  I love traditions and the Christmas ones are the bees knees.  Our included us three sisters always cramming together in a twin size bed on Christmas Eve and waiting for Santa to come together, opening pajamas as a family on Christmas Eve, waking our parents up far too early and being told to open our stockings while we waited for them to come downstairs, a big Christmas breakfast, and a big Christmas lunch. I want Cooper to have all of this too.

This year we decided to stay at my parents house and take all of our presents for Cooper over there.  My mom made it a huge point that with her losing her job at the end of the month that this would be a small Christmas, we were totally fine with it.  Needless to say, old habits die hard.

My little sisters little family.

Christmas pajama opening/eating.

Sisters and our babies.

A little laugh crying.

Present overload.

Present opening.

Where's Payton?

Bows on heads.  The usual.

The aftermath.  Which is the best, right?

We are blessed beyond measure.  Our lives are filled with so much love, which is all we can ever really ask for in this little world we live in.

Something tells me that next Christmas will be a very different experience, having a nearly 1.5 year old and all.


  1. Oh my gosh, all the presents! That made me laugh. It gets crazy when families combine.

  2. The aftermath is always crazyy haha. I love Christmas time, too. So many fun memories as kids, and it's so fun having my little sister in the house to keep the magic alive. She still believes in Santa, and something tells me this might have been the last year that she did. Can't wait (or maybe I can but not for too long...) to have babes of my own to celebrate with :)

  3. That's about how ours looked too! Payton's chair is adorable! Christmas time (Thanksgiving to New Years for me) is my most favoritest time of the year!