Friday, January 25, 2013


I had a great pregnancy.  I never took for granted the fact that I was lucky, that we had a healthy baby growing inside of me.  With that being said though, I was ready for him to be out of me, I was ready to hold him, feed him, sing to him.  I was ready to be done being pregnant.  

Fast forward to today. Cooper is six months . two weeks . and three days old and I want to have him in my belly again.  I do not have baby fever, I do not have the urge right now to grow a new baby inside of me, I just want to grow Cooper inside of me again.  I want my big belly in the way of everything. 

Is this strange? Normal? I'm not sure.

Time is going so fast and I feel like I'm forgetting everything (big tears running down my face right now).  I honestly can barely remember what Cooper was like five months ago, even four months ago really, and I was with him every breathing moments of every single day for six months straight, never left him, yet still can't remember.

Today I feel sad that Cooper can sit up and wave.  I feel sad that he ate and actually enjoyed vegetables for the first time this morning.  

I am celebrating his developments, don't get me wrong, I just can't believe how quickly they showed up at my doorstep. 

I was just saying on Facebook a couple of days ago that I am so glad that Cooper is such a good sleeper now, so I guess I'm bipolar when it comes to him, whatev. 

Happy Friday, guys.  I hope your weekend is great and if you're pregnant try to really enjoy it and if you have a new, new baby take 1,000 pictures and don't even feel crazy about it.  


  1. I feel the same way!! I was so over bein pregnant this time last year and now I am a short 2 months and 2 days from a one year old and it makes me want to sob. I'm so proud of her and she is almost walking but every single stage is so bittersweet for me. Eat it up every second you can!!

  2. Okay one, that is just the cutest prego outfit I've ever seen! :)

    And two, he is growing so so fast! I hope you get plenty of hugs and squeezes today to savor the point that he's at. And thanks for sharing what you've learned in mommyhood so far! Whenever I'm blessed with the chance to make babies, I will absolutely try and treasure every moment!

    Have a good weekend Lib!

  3. hahahhahaa i know exactly how you feel. for me it felt so hard to be pregnant, but then when he reached the 5 month mark i was like AHHHH it was so easy being pregnant!!