Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Maybe dads have it too, but the dad around here is pretty absent so I'm calling it mom stress because I'm the mom and it's my stress (so there).  

I was reading a Facebook status tonight about a girl I knows daughter who is a week older than Cooper doing something that Cooper seems pretty far away from doing.  My mind instantly started frantically spiraling from one thing to the next trying to decided what Cooper was on par with, behind on, ahead of.  I went from one webpage to the next trying to figure out what was normal and everything was conflicting and I wasn't finding answers and I was getting stressed out.. and.. and.. and...

Then I remembered that Cooper is perfect and it doesn't matter if her baby is doing something that Cooper isn't because chances are, he is doing something that her baby isn't.  It's funny how I let myself get so stressed so quickly over something that is fairly trivial at this point.  I mean he is only six months old. 

If you think about it though, this mom stress seems endless.  If you're not worrying about where your child is developmentally (stop doing that!), than you're worrying about their safety, the amount of sleep they're getting, feeding them, clothing them, and making sure they're getting enough fresh air.  Mom stress sucks. I mean, it's great because we love our kids so much and want them to thrive and be cool, but can't we do that without all of the worry?  The answer is no, because we are moms and will always worry, but still, it sounds dreamy, right? 

I want to stress less and to enjoy more.  They don't come hand in hand it seems.  I want to have the perfect amount of worry that makes me aware and lose some of the amount that I have now that is making me crazy.

Go moms. We rock. And even if you're not a mom, you rock too.

{The cause of my endless stress whom I love so much and will gladly stress about for the rest of my life.  The infamous Cooper J.}


  1. loving your blog! mom stress sucks!
    newest follower


  2. A friend of mine has a little peanut girl 3 weeks older than Grayson- she speaks in full sentences and makes my kid look like hes way behind. Girls just get things faster at this age than boys. Our hansome dudes will catch up quick :)