Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I've needed to ramble for awhile.  So here we go:

+ All of this stress is playing a major toll on my ability to pump enough for Cooper to eat while I'm at school on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  This is obviously bad but especially because my stress making me produce less is making me stress more.  Conundrum.

+ My first real blogger friend is amazing and you really need to go visit her HERE.  Talk to her, she has a heart of gold and will befriend you immediately.  Those kinds are rare.  

+ On a whim I decided to give up pizza for the entire year.  I realized that I was eating it way too often and it had to stop.  So it is.

+ Cooper refuses to eat baby food but will tear up an actual banana.  I've always planned to make my own food and/or do baby led weaning but wanted to start out with organic baby food for the first few weeks, looks like Cooper has different plans though!

+ My reading goal for this year is pretty hefty and I haven't even finished my first book yet, I need to get. on. it.

+ I lost my groove for about a week but am finally feeling like I'm back on track, hello three adorable crib sheets in one night!

+ The nights that Cooper sleeps an 8 hour stretch I usually end up staying up way too late, meaning that I kick myself big time the next day when I'm exhausted and just. want. to. sleep. 

+ My baby is so cute, see I have proof:

Modcloth has the cutest necklaces right now (always?). 

+ I think I'm going to do the Color Run Atlanta in April with my mom.  If you're going to run your first run, it might as well be a fun run, right? 


  1. I was going to do the march for dimes in atlanta last year but i was prego and got lazy :)!! lol. i might do one of the runs this year!!

  2. One, thank you for the incredibly sweet shout out!! So touched by your kind words :) And two, go you for giving up pizza!! Lately, it seems like all I want to eat are carbs or chocolate. It's pretty bad, ha! I'm thinking I'm going to have to give it up cold turkey for a few days or weeks to try and rid myself of the cravings!

    And lastly, I am in the saame page with the reading. I've only finished one book, but to be fair, I started it in 2012. I think that still counts? Regardless, I need to get on that!

    Have a good one my friend :)